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Contract Manufacturing

BIT has more than 40 years’ experience in successful contract development, full-system manufacturing and service of IVD, life- science and medical devices, resulting in award-winning OEM instrumentation systems. We specialize in the customized production and validation support of complex instruments for IVD and medical markets and consistently fulfill the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO13485 and FDA.

BIT delivers state-of-the-art global manufacturing operations and exceptional engineering proficiency. Device performance and integrity is enhanced by our robust, proven processes ranging from product industrialization to volume production – all designed with seamless manufacturing integration and managed only by our team of specialists. And, because our development teams are intensely integrated with manufacturing and after-sale service activities, BIT’s designs are ensured to be manufactured efficiently and maintained effectively within their intended use environment.

BIT’s exceptional product quality stems from its work philosophy, which is based on the company culture of KAIZEN.  Our operations promote open communications, continuous improvement, reduced waste and strict standards of excellence.

Clients benefit from BIT’s outstanding global supplier network which includes well-established, quality-proven and cost effective sources, as well supply bases for focused clients’ needs in China and Eastern Europe. BIT’s expertise in global supply chain management provides flexibility and competitive pricing, as well as the maintenance of high quality standards. Additionally, our early involvement in design-for-manufacturing (DFM) is a key factor, helping to ensure that all necessary requirements are being met while simultaneously assessing the system’s quality, cost, and performance goals.

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