Platform Instrument Technologies Give Clients the Leading Edge

BIT Group features leading-edge, innovative manufacturing and development services for diagnostic systems. BITSMARTSOLUTIONS™ platform technologies can become a customized solution while providing synergies in development and standardized functionality. Because BITSMARTSOLUTIONS™ are pre-engineered, proven platforms, they can provide significant development cost and time advantages while offering unique custom solutions adapted specifically to client needs in hematology, histology, cytology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, immuno- and molecular instrumentation.


BITSMARTMODULES and Customized Solutions

BITSMARTMODULES Accelerate Development with Proven Building Blocks

BITSMARTMODULES feature an extensive range of instrument building blocks that enable accelerated development of custom IVD instruments with robust, tested designs. These include modular and extendable solutions for electronics, software, mechanics, optics, and fluidics. The aim of BITSMARTMODULES is to automate sample, reagent & assay handling/detection, as well as other IVD instrument functions

  • Configurable and customizable robot systems including Φ-Z, XYZ and XZ implementations
  • Sample handling systems such as rotors and belts for individual tubes as well as compact and high throughput rack loading modules
  • Reaction rotors including temperature control, assay mixing, cuvette wash and cuvette load/unload
  • Cooled reagent storage systems also including management of magnetic particles
  • Associated fluidics with single and multiple piston syringe pumps, passive and active probe wash etc.
  • Detection systems for colorimetry, turbidimetry, nephelometry, fluorescence, luminescence and image based optics
  • Molecular modules including PCR cyclers and microplate sealing
  • Modular electronics and software subsystems for instruments from point-of-care to large core lab instruments
  • Prototyping, service and maintenance software for tablets and PCs

Precision IVD Instruments Custom-Developed for Your Specific Applications

The OEM has the choice depending on different factors, such technology needs, design to cost, speed to market, or simply application needs either to choose from BIT’s building blocks or entirely new designs to achieve the required instrument design output.

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